Quit your job, be a unicorn.

Quit your job, live the dream, be a unicorn

Human beings appear to have two modus operandi. We either stick to one exclusively or interchange at whim based on our personality.

  1. Filling our schedules to the brim, chasing our own tail so we prove to ourselves and the world that we’re doing everything possible to work towards achieving or goals and having the life we desire or;
  2. We sit around doing sweet phuck all while waiting for that mystical moment in time when the stars align, the heavens open and the sea parts. Preferably with the help of an old Jewish man.

We believe that either mode will lead us being presented with a silver platter and a big sign above it reading “THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! TAKE IT, IT’S YOURS!”

This is the sign you have been waiting for.
This is the sign you have been waiting for.

When this magical moment occurs, with as little as a snap of our fingers we will commit to eating well, exercising, meditating and will be inspired to *BE* the best version of ourselves. Whatever that means.

We will not be slaves to a pay-check anymore! Our mundane jobs will be no more and we will enjoy an integrated work-life balance. Our lifestyle will match the one we’ve always dreamed of and money will grow on trees. We will instantly find our balance, after years of being completely off balance.

We will be brave, happy, grateful and excited for every moment. We will have that which we have always dreamed of… in the future. Sometime. Maybe.

So… despite what mode you’re in, how’s that magical and unmeasured moment in the future working out for you?

My whole life I had it that I was destined for greatness. One day, sometime soon, something would drop into my lap, point and show me the way. And I would walk that path. However, the longer I tried to force it, the further away it seemed. I became discouraged, frustrated and eventually gave up.

Procrastinating for that moment wasn’t working for me. Taking actions I believed to be congruent with what I wanted didn’t either. I systematically ignored my inner voice, my intuition. I either did too much, or too little and none of my actions fell into the category of doing what must be done.

But my highlight reel on social media looked amazing. So everything was great, yeah?

My highlight reel > your highlight reel
My highlight reel > your highlight reel

Why wasn’t that thing coming? When was IT going to show me the way? What else did I have to DO to get it? How hard did I have to work? Where’s my silver platter, bitches?

What followed was a lot of procrastinating, wasting time, chasing that which wasn’t mine and simply getting by. As a result I was missing opportunities that were being created for me, because I had an idea of what I thought *IT* looked like which I could not give up. 

I recognised that one of the biggest road-blocks in my life was my career, which from the outside looked amazing.

The longer I stayed in my role, the more I allowed it to kill my spirit and throw me off balance. The energy around my working life was dead and I was unable to see possibility through the fog. I did not see that transformation of my situation was possible.

However, I did not just up and quit when I had my “AHA!” moment. I needed to find balance inside of the situation first. I said to myself that if a particular project got pulled, I would walk. Suffice to say, the timing created the moment and the pin on the project was pulled several weeks later. That’s when I knew to cut the cord and be free. I didn’t leave out of fear, ego or frustration. I left because that’s what needed to be done.

Your comfort zone vs where the magic happens
Your comfort zone vs where the magic happens

So, I felt the fear, stepped through it took a leap and quit without much of a plan for what’s next. Powerful people say yes to things and work out how to do it along the way by doing what must be done and allowing for timing to create the moment. So that’s what I did.

It was time to step up, show up, and back myself 100%. So how did I make my exit without a strategy while staying in alignment with my integrity with who and what I am?

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