How Catwoman landed on her feet

How Catwoman landed on her feet

Throwing all your cards in the air and watching where they land is an exciting and exhilarating notion. When you quit your job without so much as;

1) a plan for what’s next
2) no savings and
3) debt

Well, there are ducks you must get in a row to make sure you survive this transitional period.

This is not a holiday and you do not get to sit around while watching reruns of Seinfeld. This is the perfect opportunity to create life, in every moment, exactly how you’d like to live it.

Imagine your perfect day. What does it look like? This is the opportunity to start living your life, modelled on that day, or as close to it as possible given current circumstances.

Here are the immediate steps I took after giving my notice.

1. Responsibility

We always have a choice, in absolutely everything that we do, whether we like to admit it or not. Even if we might not have a choice (gun pointed at our heads), we have a choice in how to react. Absolutely everything in our lives is a choice. If you hate your job, simply don’t show up one day. You might not like the consequences of your choice, but alas, it is still a choice.

With great power comes great responsibility.
With great power comes great responsibility.

We have been conditioned to blame “the other” for anything and everything that happens in our lives. IT’s the easy way out. We see the enemy in our circumstances, our boss, our coworkers, the traffic and the in-laws. We fail to see that everything which happens to and around us is a direct manifestation by us. If you’re living it, you created it. Embrace it. Be aware of the blessings and lessons it brings.

I was not a victim of circumstance. I decided that I was not living the life I loved and work was playing a big role in making me deeply frustrated and unfulfilled. Cutting the dead energy channel off opened me up to a world of wonder and possibility which I had been blind to.

Take 100% responsibility over everything in your life – the good, the bad, and even that caused by others, and you will experience inexplicable freedom.

2. Budget

After getting your mind right, you have to get your money right.

I had no savings, only debt. I did what had to be done and cut everything that was considered unnecessary spending. Gym membership, gone. Non-essential spending, see ya. My fancy bath salts, catch you on the flip side. I cut my food budget by 30% and my petrol budget by 50%. I started walking to do my errands, did yoga at home and took up jogging.

Money pls, y u do dis?
Money pls, y u do dis?

My projected budget gave me about two months of financial breathing room. I could give myself a couple of weeks of R&R after three years of full-time work.

3. Cut away

I’ve discussed the benefits of cutting away that which does not serve – whether it’s your clutter, wardrobe, food intake or relationships. Given I had found myself with a fair whack of spare time, this was the perfect time to continue my minimalist approach to life and being income-less, I became less discriminating which items were going up for sale or donation.

27″ iMac, gone. Collectible Lego, bye. Custom furniture, see you never. The more I cut away the more I wanted to keep cutting. You feel lighter, your mind becomes clearer and your stuff stops owning you.

Each time a sale was made I updated my projected budget document which showed more breathing room. That’s a lot of air for someone with no savings and a fair bit of debt. Hallelujah!

4. Do what must be done

Despite being technically unemployed I had to make some choices as to how I was going to spend my days. Like anyone else, I had a long list of to-do’s in my mind that were itching for attention. I have been putting off a long list of ‘life admin’ stuff. You know, boring stuff that doesn’t really NEED to be done RIGHT NOW, but it acts like a splinter in your mind, that pops up uncomfortably at random times, hampering creativity and killing your buzz.

I wrote a long list of what needed to be done. I committed to actioning three list items per day. I treated this like my job and sometimes I would give myself the day off. It felt great to experience being my own boss.

To do list
To do list

After completing an item I would place it at the bottom of the list to keep track of my progress. Before I knew it, that which had been niggling away was no longer bothering me or taking up space. That space has been emptied and is ready to be filled by other endevours.

5. Allow things to come to you

You’d think that in this position I’d be scrambling to chase the next job, the next project. And yes, there is an element of being active and aware of what must be done. Your dream life isn’t just going to show up while you’re not calling it towards yourself.

I allowed all things, people and opportunities come to me freely and explored all options, even if I didn’t necessarily want to. If something comes to you, it is yours – pursue it. If you feel resistance, explore it, as it might be just the thing to crack you open.

I took every meeting that was offered, registered a business name, purchased multiple domains, started this blog and created a product offering. I surrounded myself with incredible teachers, mentors and industry professionals who could assist me in creating the thing in this world that would leave my mark.

I continue to work through several hours of workshops and coaching each week while said teachers and professionals mentor me through this transitional period.

6. Get assistance

At first Centrelink didn’t even enter my mind. When a friend of mine suggested it to me like it was the most natural thing in the world, I toyed around with the idea and realised that it forwards what I’m up to in life. I am now considering doing their NEIS program, which pays benefits while you start a business. Boom!

Dat Centrelink line though
Dat Centrelink line though

I was worried being on Centrelink was sending the wrong message to the universe but I chalked it up to doing what must be done. It gives me buffer to keep creating what I’m creating, so I’m all for it.

7. Live, laugh, relax

Most importantly, spend your time wisely and mindfully. Read naked on your balcony and bathe in the sun. Take your dog for a jog around the park. Frequent parks with waterfalls and sit in nature, with your feet firmly grounded in the grass. Do yoga, meditate and sit in silence. Cook mindfully to nourish your body and drink a lot of water. Keep your conversations mindful – discuss with others about their want of transforming their lives and what they are up to. Experience joy in every single moment.

I don’t stress or worry about what’s next. Trust that through mindful living, doing what must be done, sitting back quietly and allowing timing to create each moment everything will work out perfectly.

Know that everything is coming to you, no strain required. Your fear and stress afford you no protection and the amount of hustle or pushing for an outcome affords no guarantees.

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